The Guide to Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol

The Guide to Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol is the perfect accompanying volume to the long-awaited sequel to The Da Vinci Code. In the Guide, Greg Taylor will take you deeper into the history and mysteries discussed in Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. From the secret history of Freemasonry and its influence upon the founding of America, to the ancient and modern sciences unlocking the mysteries of the mind, this book covers it all. Best-selling author Graham Hancock had this to say about the Guide: "Look out for the name Greg Taylor up in lights before too long. He is the up-and-coming author in this field and what he has to say makes fascinating reading."

If you would like a sneak peek at The Guide to Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, you can read the sample chapter "Strange Constructions" as a printer-friendly landscape-spread PDF. We hope you enjoy it, and encourage comments and discussion on the topic.

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The book description for The Guide to Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol reads:

Did you know that many of America's Founding Fathers were not Christians, but were members of a well-known secret society? Or that the two mainstream Presidential candidates in the 2004 election were both initiated into the same exclusive secret organization, which goes under the name of 'Skull and Bones'? And how exactly did the esoteric symbolism on the dollar bill come to be put there? 'The Guide to Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol' is the ultimate source for further information on the intriguing topics discussed in the long-awaited sequel to 'The Da Vinci Code'. The Guide will reveal to readers the fascinating truth about the hidden history of America and influence of Freemasonry upon the founding of the nation, the bizarre modern research unveiling the mysteries of the human mind, and the esoteric traditions from the ancient world which continue to influence some of the world's most powerful individuals.

What others have said:

Blair Blake of

[It] is an excellent overview of the clandestine conspiracy of cabals both past and present...there’s lots of evidence in the book to support what many believe to be Freemasonry’s great experiment, as well as hints of a portentous secret transmitted throughout history by politically-oriented secret societies.

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Anonymous wrote 7 years 49 weeks ago

The dust cover phone number.

Try playing the message backwards.


Anonymous wrote 6 years 26 weeks ago

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Anonymous wrote 6 years 20 hours ago

Integration of the clues

The cover art contains five clues. Four have been solved; the relevance of the final clue, AS ABOVE SO BELOW, has until now remained unknown. I think that we are supposed to use all five clues to generate a unified answer (a single familiar symbol),

We will arrive at the answer by combining two concepts.

The first concept is that of squaring numbers. Each of the four phrases contains a variation on the theme of alliteration. The most obvious is POPES PANTHEON. AS ABOVE is pretty clear, and BEGIN as BLASPHEMIES is not to much of a stretch. The last one is hidden a bit, involving circularizing the clue to put the two Ys next to each other.

Consider the relevant letters: A, B, P, and Y. Both the phone number clue and the chapter heading clue involved exchanging letters and numbers. A, B, P, and Y are the 1st, 2nd, 16th, and 25th letters of the alphabet.

Now count the words in the three principal word clues: 2, 5, and 6.

256 is 16 squared. 625 is 25 squared. These can be viewed as variations on 4 squared and 5 squared.

Now list what we have so far in numerical order.

1 x 1 (A x A)
2 x 2 (B x B)

4 x 4
5 x 5

Note the space.

The second concept is more straightforward and simply corresponds to the concept of a square Cartesian grid. There are two hints in the book itself: the Durer's square and the 8 x 8 symbol grid, which looks like something out of Cliff Johnson's Fool's Errand. Finally, the Pigpen cipher is based on such a grid.

Put the two concepts together. The "lost" symbol would be the 3 x 3 grid, or the # sign, which goes by several names, including the octothorpe. If you played Symbol Quest you will remember it. Finally, the last clue is, well, a phone #, and every conventional phone pad has one.

So that's my take on it.

The Lost Symbol, generated by integrating the clues, is an octothorpe.

RalphK wrote 5 years 51 weeks ago


Interesting approach. When the book was published, much was made of the fact that the digits of the publication date (9/15/9) added to 33. Did you ever consider the 33 in the triangle on the front cover as a possible reference to your "lost" 3x3 grid?

William John Meegan wrote 3 years 50 weeks ago

A 10 x 10 Matrix blueprint the origins of Washington, DC

When the LOST SYMBOL was first announced, by the media, as Dan Brown's next book, which is now some time ago, I thought he was going to reveal one of the most secret symbols in all of Masonry: a 10 x 10 mathematical matrix. This 10 x 10 matrix is a commentary on the MONAD, which Pythagoras called God. This is the most spiritual symbol in the entire world. It is the foundation of all religions on earth. Allegorically, it is the Garden of Eden: i.e. the Lost City of Atlantis.

This symbol is a Magic Square that is rarely known in the world and yet it is openly displayed symbolically and esoterically throughout the world in both secular and religious literature, artworks and monuments: hidden in plane sight and no one knows what they are looking at.

This 10 x 10 matrix created the I Ching Chinese oracle, it gave us the game of Chess, its blueprint is the schematics for every Hindu temple, the Judeao Christian scriptures are commentaries on it, Astrology is the matrix's foundation, all of Catholicism great artworks are structural based upon it and Dante Alighieri's La Divina Commedia is formatted on it, which includes the INFERNO.

In Washington DC the Masonic Lodge "House of the Temple" is build to depict this 10 x 10 matrix. There are ten columns on each side of the building making it 36 (symbolically 360°) columns in all euphemistically squaring the circle; however, the most enigmatic example of this 10 x 10 matrix is found in the United States Constitution: Article 1, Section 8 where it allows for a ten square mile (10 x 10 = 100) allotment of land for the seat of government with the City of Washington dead center to the Matrix.

Both Maryland and Virginia gave successions of land on each side of the Potomac River to provide for this allocation of land for the seat of government; however, the Virginia allotment of land was returned. This left about 65 miles or so remaining; however, the Potomac River takes up part of that allocation of land reducing the land allotment to 61.4, which is extraordinarily close to the formula for the Golden Ratio 0.618.

Online maps illustrating the 10 x 10 square miles of land for Washington DC can be found with or without the Virginia side illustrated.

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