Ron Howard: The Solomon Key is Done

Director Ron Howard may have just spilled the beans. Talking to Entertainment Tonight on the set of Angels and Demons, Howard said...

...Brown had finished writing the long-awaited third book featuring Langdon, and that the author was "very excited" about the novel.

But still DB's US publisher Doubleday are refusing to make anything official, saying only that he was making "great progress" with the book and that there was as yet no title or publication date to share.

In other news a longer Angels and Demons trailer - with shots from the actual movie this time - has been released on the movie's official website. Looks like some good fun.

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maths66 wrote 8 years 34 weeks ago

My guess for release date - Solomon Key

Saturn in Virgo until late 2009 will bring forth truth, because the New Moon in 18 Virgo is close to Neptune in the 1776 USA founding chart.

Answer: Well - thats to you to find out from the clue above.
If the answer is correct or not only Mr Brown himself can tell.

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