Secrets of the Inferno

Over on my my other website The Daily Grail I've posted "Secrets of the Inferno", a feature listing eight possible topics that Dan Brown would be tempted to use in his upcoming novel. From Galileo's fossilised fingers to a UFO pictured in a Renaissance painting, it covers some rather strange and fascinating areas, so go take a look. And of course, for the full run-down, grab a copy of Inside Dan Brown's Inferno as a Kindle ebook download for just $2.99.


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Ballesio Mauro wrote 4 years 28 weeks ago

"you'll never find it in time"

From the first chapter it seems that Langdon will be involved again in a quest to find a misteryous object (the shade's Masterpiece? The "gift" for the mankind that he calls "Inferno"?) before a countdown elapses and some catastrophic event will occur, like in Angels and Demons.
It seems that the Shade has hidden something that must be seek and found in time, and also other guys want to found.

UDbmas wrote 4 years 28 weeks ago


Good article. Somehow having Galileo give us all the finger seems entirely fitting. Certainly David will need to show up somewhere, or risk being the elephant in the room.

I have been wondering about the "UFO" painting. Solar eclipse?

Ballesio Mauro wrote 4 years 28 weeks ago

Langdon's female partners and plot clues.

There’s some schema in the plots of Dan Brown regarding Langdon’s female partners:

DVC - Sophie is a cryptonanalyst, the menace was a terrible secret involving religion. The secret society is Pior of Sion.

A&D - Vittoria is a scientist involved in anti-materia research, the menace was a tech-bomb. The secret society is Illuminati.

INFERNO – Sienna is a doctor, the menace would be some bio-medical virus-like disease to punish and purify menkind? The secret society is Consortium (maybe some farmaceutical involment?).
I think about this links looking UK cover: blood that melts in water like smoke, an the reference to Asclepius’ Rod in prologue.

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