Inside Dan Brown's Inferno Updated

Last week I updated my eBook Inside Dan Brown's Inferno to be a 'post-publication' guide to Inferno, rather than the predictive treasure hunt version that was released in February. There's a lot of common material between versions (the tour of Florence, Renaissance history etc) but also a new chapter and many updates to smaller sections. It should come out as a free update to anybody that bought the pre-publication version - can any readers confirm that this has in fact happened?

Also, for those that would like both pre- and post-publication versions of the book, I left a note at the end of the updated edition on how to get in touch with me about getting the original release sent out as a standalone book.

Thanks for all your support, and the fun and games trying to track down the material in Inferno before it hit the streets! Hope you enjoyed 'the chase' as much as I did.


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tbeyer wrote 4 years 15 weeks ago

Update on Kindle Book

Dear Greg, My kindle version of your book has not updated on my ipad- is there something i have to do??

otherwise just send me a pdf at

:-) Tom

Greg wrote 4 years 15 weeks ago

Try this

Hi Tom,

Hrm, seems that no automatic update was sent out. You should be able to grab the update by going to the 'Manage Your Kindle' page on Amazon:

Under "Your Kindle Library", there is a menu button (preceded by "View:" - click on that and select "Available for Update". This will bring up a list of your Kindle books that have updates available - Inside Dan Brown's Inferno, should be in that list, and the option available to update it.

Note: this will write over the old book - you will lose the old version, and any notes or highlights you made, so only do it if you're happy for the book to be written over. If you would like both versions, let me know and I'll send the file direct so that you can load it on to your iPad under a different name.

If you do try the update process above, please let me know how you go!

p.s. Sorry for the delay in responding, have been travelling.

tbeyer wrote 4 years 13 weeks ago

update issues

Dear Greg, I have been traveling myself, but my amazon kindle account doesn't give me the book as "Available for update." So if you can send a pdf I would be grateful.

In the meantime I have put together a little pictorial guide to Brown's/Langdon's Florence and Venice. It is rather large and I can't make it a kindle book and keep all those photos as I arranged them. see

I read with interest the announcement of the movie. I wonder if the experience with The Lost Symbol, (it being so complicated) hasn't resulted in a novel more intended for cinematic success and consequently less complex? And the decision to move past The Lost Symbol probably condemns my book 33 Keys to the Inferno of Oblivion.

best wishes,


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